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You can help create common sense government

Have you experienced specific government regulations in your business or life that don’t make sense?  Governor Bevin has asked me to spread the word about his Red Tape Reduction initiative, a bipartisan effort to help make Kentucky’s government more common sense.  If you are aware of a regulation that you believe to be outdated, unnecessary or […]

What to do with the amygdala

One of the common challenges in building organizational health is that team members just don’t get along.  You make multiple attempts at mediation, and yet their problems with each other seem too deep-seated.  TAC4 Solutions encounters this type of conflict with most all of our clients  Thus, we put together a short video of what these […]

Mirage or reality – what’s really happening?

Tired of Groundhog Day in your company – the same problems repeating over and over? From years of helping team members overcome hurdles and conflicts, TAC4 Solutions has identified gaps between the business owners’ perspective and their employees’ reality.  Click here to complete and submit your answers to a 2-minute questionnaire that provides insight on how to fix problems and reduce their […]

December 3, 2013 TACKLE Event – Kentucky Charter Schools – – in full!

You can now view our December TACKLE with TAC4 event on Charter Schools in Kentucky in full! A really great event, thanks to our excellent panelists and their commitment to our ground rules.  < Many thanks to Dr. Craig Meredith (former Superintendent, Triad Local Schools, North Lewisburg, OH) and Dr. Wayne Lewis (Assistant Professor, University […]

TACKLE – December 3 – Charter Schools

You are invited   to attend: TACKLE with TAC4 Tuesday, December 3, 2013 from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM  The Bluegrass Institute and TAC4 Solutions team together to PRESENT “Free To Learn” a debate series designed to TACKLE the issue of charter schools in Kentucky.” Tuesday, December 3, 2013  Event Details Discussion Topic Should Kentucky allow Charter Schools? Panelists Linda Duncan, School Board Member, […]

August 27, 2013 TACKLE Event – GMO – in full!

You can now view our August TACKLE with TAC4 event on GMO in full! Watch it here: Thanks to Jennifer Elwell (Kentucky Corn Growers Association) and John Moody (Farm to Defense Legal Defense Fund) for their excellent panel discussion. The results from pursuing their Needs, Fears, and Concerns are: Jennifer Elwell Needs: Ability to choose food Ability for farmers to choose […]