Event Foundations

TAC4 Solutions hosts an event in Louisville, TACKLE with TAC4. We seek to find effective solutions on tough issues and change the tone of political conversation.

We tackle the issues, not each otherTM.

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US Political Scene

  • Today’s debate is characterized by polarization among and within parties; disrespect, accusations, and rhetoric; claims of moral superiority; and sound bites that oversimplify and confuse the message
  • The negative tone results in a broken political system at all governmental levels; creates a debt crisis; and disengages and disillusions voters


TACKLE with TAC4 Background

  • TAC4 Solutions is a management consulting firm specializing in cohesive team behavior in the business environment
  • At one of our seminars, we were challenged to apply our Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior™ to the political arena
  • We created TACKLE with TAC4 and the corresponding Seven Ground Rules for Political Discourse™ to introduce a solutions mindset into the current events discussions
  • TACKLE with TAC4: we tackle the issues, not each other™



  • Provide a venue for rational and respectful political discourse
  • Create exciting panel discussions resembling an effective cohesive team of business leaders
  • Penetrate the average citizen with strong ideas instead of heated sound bites
  • Mentor panelists and attendees into a new process for engaging in political discourse
  • Create new solutions by understanding needs and constraints of both sides and collaborating on innovative ideas
  • Provide attendees and viewers actionable take home steps and ideas for continued intelligent discussion


Seven Ground Rules for Political Discourse™

  1. Show respect, with no hint of blame
  2. Assume positive intent from all on the other side
  3. Understand and care about the other side's needs, fears, and proposed solutions
  4. Do not complain without offering solutions with realistic action steps that meet both sides' needs
  5. Clarify opinion from fact
  6. Seek the truth and workable solutions over political positioning
  7. Where there are core philosophical differences, clarify without accusation and move on

TACKLE Logistics

  • Selected panelists from opposite sides of an issue commit to delve into intense conversation, according to the Seven Ground Rules for Political Discourse™
  • Alan Claypool, president of TAC4 Solutions, moderates the discussion, challenging the panelists into respectful discourse
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