Troubled Departments

Do you have that one department where no one can get along?  The rest of the company runs fairly smoothly.  Individually, each member of the troubled department is competent and does their job well.  But interpersonally, a history of hurtful behavior prevents them from trusting each other.

Over time, the bad relationships have created such a noise that they now all dread coming to work.  Relationships that once had mild friction grew to attack and defend; and from there to bitterness; and now they armor up against each other over petty things.

You may have tried mediation, you may have just left them alone because they are the dark cloud of the company.  One thing you know... that department is putting you at risk - risk of not meeting customer needs, risk of individuals leaving, along with their institutional knowledge.

TAC4 Solutions works miracles with troubled departments.  People who you thought would never turn around do.  Relationships that you thought were irrevocably damaged get healed, permanently.  The department that had the dark cloud now becomes the most productive department, with everyone working well together and moving in the same direction.


If you recognize this troubled department in your company, don't take the safe (and ineffective) route of sending them to diversity training.  That training does not get to the root of the problem, nor does it give the behavioral truths that will fix the problem.  Let us help you.  We can fix it.