Client EXCITEMENT in finding their Sound of CLARITYTM

Dr. Brian Wegley

  • Principal
  • Glenbrook South High School
  • “The past two days have been the most exhilarating, difficult, and effective days of my administrative career, and certainly with the team about whom I care so deeply. I honestly can't accurately reflect what your kindness and faith driven directness have meant to our team and to me personally. Make no mistake, the process you have put together is a good one. With that said, in you there is light... which develops trust quicker than I have ever witnessed.  In two days, I can relay the impact that your trust and care has had on the trajectory of the people on our team, literally for every person at the table. I honestly believe you have changed our lives, certainly mine. You are an incredible human being and it shows in the consistent care and love with which you live your life. Our team has an incredible amount of work to do. I will quickly get over feeling guilty for not knowing how to do this with my team, because I truly believe that we will, for the first time, be putting significantly more of our energy into being effective and supporting each other.”


Roger Kobel

  • President
  • KiZAN Technologies, Louisville, KY
  • “Absolutely the best program in which I have participated.  Finally after 30 plus years in leadership, I have a set of ground rules to lead teams and after 10 years of owning a company, our purpose and values are clear.”



Todd Kunau

  • President/CEO
  • Kunau Implement Co., Preston, IA
  • "Alan’s approach to defining a culture is incredible and effective.  Our company Echo will guide us into our next 75 years in business by providing a consistent message for both our employees and customers.  Alan’s passion for his work is contagious and we applaud his efforts and vision."


Glen Combs

  • President & CEO
  • SDGblue, Lexington, KY
  • "Every business should adopt the 9 Ground Rules!!! Our time with Alan and our commitment to what he taught us has been transformational."


Rod van Genderen

  • Risk Consultant
  • The Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, IA
  • "The Nine Ground Rules were impactful for my colleagues.   Listen to them, learn them, apply them.   It will change your life and your company’s success."


Craig Meredith

  • Superintendent
  • Triad Local Schools, North Lewisburg, OH
  • "The Nine Ground Rules have become the cultural norms that guide all interpersonal communication within the district. There are times when we slip up, but ground rule #8 (Create Accountability among the Team) gives all employees freedom to steer the team back to the established norms."


Mike Spence

  • VP of Relationship Services
  • KiZAN Technologies, Louisville, KY
  • "Alan is a master facilitator… he led our leadership team through a two day retreat that was the most meaningful of my career.  I would recommend Alan, TAC4 and its services to ANYONE needing to improve their organization."


Kathy Rutherman

  • Director of Public Relations
  • Kentucky Wesleyan College, Owensboro, KY
  • "Even our skeptics saw the value of the Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior™ and were soon engaged in working together to build a healthier, stronger organization. Alan and Donna skillfully introduced the nine ground rules with real-world examples and humor. We’re still using them to guide us, and the nine ground rules apply to every facet of our lives, from the workplace to family life to community involvement."


Stephanie Ringer

  • Chief Fun Officer
  • Workshop, the Creative Workplace, Louisville, KY
  • "The Sound Of Clarity gave me the ability know where to find the right person for our team.  With the core values being how we live, we knew what type of person we wanted, how to make the ask, and where to make the ask.  When you have clarity,  processes become easier."


Laura Farrell

  • Executive Assistant
  • Kunau Implement Co., Preston, IA
  • "I have been working with my kids on the 9 Ground Rules.  Yesterday my nine year old said to my 6 and 12 year olds, ‘Someone needs to get out of the box or we are all going to keep fighting!’  I was so proud of him and I realized that repeating these steps over and over again really works with the kids.  I think parents can benefit from the steps of the 9 Ground Rules because children are fairly narcissistic.  This guides a parent and child through a process to reveal the other person’s side of the argument.  What a fantastic gift to offer small minds early in life!!!!!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!"


Lou Ann Bowersox

  • Assistant to the President
  • Kentucky Wesleyan College, Owensboro, KY
  • "TAC4 training is the most ‘real’ development training I’ve encountered.  The information learned while discovering the Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior™ continues to serve me each hour of each day.  Actual scenarios to demonstrate and aid participants work/step through the ground rules one-by-one are, in my opinion,  the key to successfully learning to apply the rules day-in and day-out no matter where a person may be.  The fact that these ground rules are truly based upon the best of all rules- “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” -  zeros in straight to the heart of every miscommunication and difficult situation.   Being able to contact you with further questions and assistance in applying the principles even after training is completed has also been invaluable.  Thank you, TAC4, for making a genuine impact!"


Margaret Cambron

  • Director of Career Development
  • Kentucky Wesleyan College
  • "The most noticeable change for me, after attending the Nine Ground Rules with TAC4, is reduction of the ‘blame game’. Using the ground rules I make a conscious effort to investigate the process instead of jumping to a ‘who’s to blame’ mindset. I’ve also found myself acting as mediator and buffer between other parties in trying to keep the focus on the ‘process’ not the ‘person’."


Jennifer Humphrey

  • Principal
  • Southern Oaks Elementary School, Owensboro, KY
  • "The 9GR presentation was a great way for us to start off the new school year and it provided a frame of reference for how we do things at Southern Oaks when we get off track."


Valerie Morlatt

  • IS Employee Development Manager
  • Kindred Healthcare, Louisville, KY
  • "Several of our Kindred employees have gained knowledge/skills and improved productivity based on Alan Claypool’s presentations."



Nelda Hays

  • VP, Policy Holder Services
  • New Era Life Insurance Company
  • "The ground rules changed the way my people approach problems.  You can’t force people to be motivated, there has to be a trigger – and the sessions we had with TAC4 Solutions was the trigger we needed to get on the same team working together to solve our problems."



Brian Maynard

  • Certified Financial Examiner
  • Kentucky Department of Insurance, Louisiana Department of Insurance
  • "The TAC4 Solutions seminar on the Nine Ground Rules gave me needed tools to improve my risk-focused examination interviewing skills.  I obtained new bravery to ask the hard questions of C-Level executives, which built trust and arrived at the most accurate information."



Cheryl Taylor

  • Former Commissioner, Environmental Quality and Public Works
  • Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (KY)
  • "Cohesive team building is time invested early in a project that pays out significantly in quality, enthusiasm, efficiency, and cost containment because the project team owns the result."



Mary Conrad

  • Former President
  • Kentuckiana Project Management Institute
  • "Alan spoke at our Professional Development Day focusing on Leadership and Project Management.  I came away from the presentation with definite skills to start using immediately.  His command of the topic and presentation skills were terrific and we hope to have Alan to present again very soon."



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