Sound of ClarityTM Speech

Presentation Abstract:

The comic strip Dilbert resonates because of corporate noise: noise from mixed messages, confusing politics, broken processes, fractured strategy, competing priorities, and dysfunctional corporate behavior, all of which greatly limits our productivity, profitability and employee engagement.  Noise can be and replaced with your corporate Sound of Clarity: transforming behavior, finding corporate identity, and developing strategy around the right priorities.  This Sound guides every decision, motivates staff, and clarifies communication around what is most important.  In this presentation, you will learn the components of The Sound of Clarity, a multi-legged stool that requires a cohesive team; a clear focus on core values and strategic vision; an over-communication of those values and vision; and accountability up and down the organization that incorporates the core values and strategic vision into the company’s human systems.

Presentation Format:

  • 1 hour speech, with audience participation
  • 2 hour speech, with audience participation
  • 4 hour seminar

Sample of Presented Venues:

  • CFO Roundtables
  • Indianapolis PMI Professional Development Day
  • Columbus PMI dinner
  • On-air radio seminars (Real Life in Louisville with Kristen Riddick, WNDA)
  • TAC4-hosted seminars

Additional Information:

Sound of Clarity brochure