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The comic strip Dilbert resonates because of corporate noise: noise from mixed messages, confusing politics, broken processes, fractured strategy, competing priorities, and dysfunctional corporate behavior, all of which greatly limits our productivity, profitability and employee engagement.  Noise can be eliminated (not just reduced) by discerning your corporate Sound of Clarity: transforming behavior, finding corporate identity, and developing strategy around the right priorities.  TAC4 Solutions takes clients through our executive leadership team training program that guides every decision, motivates staff, and clarifies communication around what is most important.

Why Organizational Health is a Leadership Priority

Our clients have a common goal of creating truth, transparency, accountability, and respect within their organizations where people feel valued and find joy and purpose in doing their work.  The result is not only an improved and more productive environment, but a more successful company.

Creating desired culture is a simple and difficult process.  It is simple in that the steps to defining and creating culture are simple to understand; it is difficult in that the executive leadership team must truly demonstrate leadership in building a cohesive leadership team. While simple to understand, the steps require maturity, boldness, bravery, humility, self-awareness, consistency, and dedication of the executive leadership team in order to successfully create a healthy culture.

Why TAC4 Solutions is Unique

The Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior™ (9GR) guide us.  We incorporate them in every type of engagement that we do and how we run our own company.  Visionary senior management of already profitable & successful companies has engaged our services because of this.  They agree that there is a need to cultivate, maintain, and grow a healthy and strong organizational culture in order to retain and attract their most important asset – human capital – and to have a profitable competitive organization.  We provide our unique and specific methodology to facilitate that change for long-term health.

What We Are Not

We are not a ‘team building’ or ‘personality profiling’ company, although the result of our methodology creates strong healthy teams and organizations.

The Sound of Clarity™ Philosophy

The Sound of Clarity™ guides clients through a four-step executive leadership team training program to transform their organizational noise into a Sound that guides every decision, motivates staff, and clarifies communication around what is most important.

Sound of Clarity™Engagement

The Sound of Clarity™ executive leadership team training program begins with several days of interviews of key staff, including the entire executive leadership team.  Then, we take the executive leadership team on an intense 2-day retreat where we transform them overnight from dealing with Noise to having an internal pulsating Sound of Clarity™.  During this retreat, we take the executive leadership team through a four step process:

  • Dial Into - Build cohesive, vulnerable teams
  • Discern - Clearly define organizational values
  • Develop - Determine roadmap for success
  • Deploy - Reinforce the Sound by echoing the company's values and strategies into every daily decision and action

Sound of ClarityTM Details

Create a cohesive leadership team

  • Instill solutions-oriented behavior
  • Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior™
  • Become vulnerable
  • Personal histories exercise
  • Team effectiveness exercise

Know who you are as an organization

  • Innate (not aspirational) characteristics
  • Why do we exist?
    • Must be idealistic, inspiring
  • What do we do?
    • A simple explanation of the business
  • What do we value?
    • Small set of core values
    • We are intolerant around these behaviors
  • Reclaim Work as good

Become clear on strategy and priorities

  • How will we succeed?
    • Create a high-level strategy
  • What is most important, right now?
    • If everything is important, then nothing is
  • Who must do what?
    • Address roles and responsibilities

Communicate the Sound clearly, repeatedly, throughout the organization

  • Instill the Sound in human systems
  • Instill the Sound in processes and projects
  • Requires intelligent tools for operational effectiveness
  • Requires skilled project management

After the retreat, the team lives with The Echo (the answers to these six questions), using them in every situation that arises in the company.  The Echo becomes a daily part of every conversation, every team meeting, expanding the reality of how they are making the world a better place.  We then hold a follow-up session with the executive leadership team to tweak and finalize The Echo and determine a deployment plan to the rest of the organization.  We finalize the follow-up session by providing a powerful agenda to run the weekly status meeting which sustains The Echo for the life of the company. We optionally help with deployment of The Echo and the Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior™ through the rest of the company, and we optionally help with process redesign of the company human systems (e.g., hiring practices, compensation structure, etc.) to ensure consistency of The Echo throughout the organization.

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