Other Presentations

Reclaim Work as Good

Most every business exists to make the world a better place.  And yet today’s culture esteems personal lives and volunteering as more important than what we do at work.  This challenging presentation explains why we go to work, compares labor to our other activities, and helps us find joy and purpose in the work we do.

Crucial Project Management for Executives

Projects are a frequent and important aspect of corporate life and growth.  Yet studies show that almost 70% of projects derail and don’t meet business requirements.  With so much time and money spent on projects, and so much information on effective project management available through PMI and Agile sources, why are we still struggling with projects in the ditch?  This presentation will give you the fundamentals of project management on which executives and project sponsors need to concentrate to ensure successful projects.  (Hint: you need a healthy organization to have a successful project!)

Ground Rules in Politics

Today’s debate is characterized by polarization among and within parties; disrespect, accusations, and rhetoric; claims of moral superiority; and sound bites that oversimplify and confuse the message.  The negative tone results in a broken political system at all governmental levels; created a debt crisis; and disengaged and disillusioned voters.  Is it possible to apply business principles of respectful behavior to get to the root causes of our political issues?  In this presentation, you will learn ground rules for political discourse that can transform your own thinking and political discussions and help you choose to find innovative solutions that better solve today’s toughest problems.

Ground Rules in Christian Communities

Churches would seem to be a haven from internal politics and bad behavior.  Yet those deeply involved in Christian communities often deal with more factions and chaos than they do in their work and families.  In this presentation, you will learn very specific steps for bringing Christian cohesion and unity of behavior and direction to your faith communities.

The Family Sound

Based on the principles from Patrick Lencioni’s Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family, you will learn how to apply behavior and just enough structure and priorities to your family to take you in strategic directions.