Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team BehaviorTM Speech

Presentation Abstract:

The comic strip Dilbert resonates because of corporate noise: noise from mixed messages, confusing politics, broken processes, fractured strategy, competing priorities, and dysfunctional corporate behavior, all of which greatly limits our productivity, profitability and employee engagement.  Noise can be eliminated (not just reduced) by transforming behavior – by digging into the core of our human nature, seeing our own behavior as the cause of most of our problems, and converting our frustration with others into respect for them as a means of solving our own problems.  In this presentation, you will learn TAC4 Solutions’ Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior™ that require bravery and humility and guide you to solving every work problem that arises.  The ground rules are the fundamental step to helping you find joy and purpose in doing your work.

Presentation Format:

  • 1 hour speech, with audience participation
  • 2 hour speech, with audience participation
  • 4 hour seminar

Sample of Presented Venues:

  • Columbus PMI Professional Development Day
  • On-air radio seminars (Real Life in Louisville with Kristen Riddick, WNDA)
  • Indianapolis Rainmakers
  • Yum! project managers seminar
  • Louisville CMA
  • IASA Midwest conference
  • Code PaLOUsa
  • TAC4-hosted seminars

Additional Information:

The Official 9GR