Engage with TAC4 Solutions

We know that getting your people to work together is one of the most draining aspects of running your business.   TAC4 Solutions has tools that can dramatically improve the buy-in that your people will give you as you make tough decisions to run your company.  Below are several ways to engage with us.  We look forward to hearing how you have improved the people machine of your company and restore your energy as a CEO.


Working Session - Is TAC4 Right for You?

Your problems are unique, and they have commonalities with issues we’ve seen before.  We will sit with you for a working session to discuss the frustrations you are encountering with your people and suggest clear steps for how to make them better.

Dinner with Other Executives

You are not alone, nor are you the first CEO to have tackled this problem.  We host dinners with experienced executives who have walked through your problems and our program.  You'll have the opportunity to hear their story of their struggles, successes, and continued efforts.  You can optionally share your journey.  Ultimately, you will see more explicitly a path to organizational health in addition to meeting other accomplished executives who share your passion for business and culture.

Map Your Journey out of Exhaustion

TAC4 Solutions can help you identify the causes of CEO exhaustion and lack of unified engagement of your staff. 

We come into your company and conduct a half day of interviews. 

Then, you sit down with TAC4 Solutions for a detailed diagnostic of the problems causing your exhaustion and an outline of how to get everyone moving in the same direction in such a way that it improves your bottom line. 

Sound of Clarity™ Engagement

The Sound of Clarity™ is our focused program that builds a truly cohesive leadership team for the long-term and takes them through a process to transform behavior, find true corporate identity, and develop strategy around the right priorities. 

This 1-year program eliminates organizational noise, guides every decision, motivates staff, and clarifies communication around what is most important. 





You can also download our eBook, Chief Exhausted Officer: 6 team behaviors that suck the life from a CEO, and 6 Changes to Restore a CEO's Energy.