Chief Exhausted Officer

Through sheer determination, you turned your passion and talent into a business, and you love it. You grew the business into something you are proud of today. Lately though, you are frustrated and exhausted every day. The joy your work once brought you is missing.

The pride and sense of accomplishment you should be feeling just isn’t there. Lately, you are mostly frustrated, aggravated, and exhausted.

You work 24/7 with no relief in sight. Your employees say they like working with you, but none of them seem to care about the business the way you do. You must get involved in every problem even though you’ve hired competent people. Mostly, you would just like to get a decent night’s sleep and enjoy working again.



You’ve reached out to get help, but nothing seems to work.  You know you are exhausted.  Other companies seem to know how to solve these problems.  Do you even know what the problems are that need to be fixed?


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